This Privacy Statement applies to Lagùn Hotel El Nido and was written to explain the hotel’s practices regarding the personal information we gather from you or about you on this website or through hotel apps, through both written and/or verbal communication with the hotel.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to personal information gathered on behalf of third party entities like airlines, car rental companies, and other service providers or companies providing travel arrangements. 
By using any of Lagùn Hotel’s services and/or products and by agreeing to this Privacy Statement, you agree to the collection and use of personal data described in this Privacy Statement.



Lagùn Hotel may collect personal data including: reservation information, contact information, personal characteristics, nationality, income information, passport number, passport issue date, passport place of issue; history of travel; marketing program information; contest information, information connected to purchase and receipt of services and products; payment information, like your payment card number and other card information including authentication information and other billing and account information related to mobile billing; guest preferences; information about vehicles you may bring to Lagùn Hotel; opinions, reviews and feedback about Lagùn Hotel; hotel, booking of airline and rental car packages; groups you are associated or affiliated with for hotel stays; information provided on membership and account applications; other kinds of information you choose to provide to us or which we may gather about you.

Lagùn Hotel may ask for information about joint travellers and information related to conversations, recordings or monitoring of customer service calls for quality assurance and training purposes including in-app messages, SMS and other communications.

Lagùn Hotel may also collect other personal data like:

Personal information during check-in, which includes other information as required by local laws.
Information related to your location while at the hotel through key cards and other technology. 

As permitted by law, closed circuit television and other security measures may record images of guests and visitors in public areas as well as capture sound or video for security purposes related to hotel personnel, guests and visitors.

Personal data may also be gathered in relation to hotel services, concierge services, the spa room, and other services.

Demographic information or other personal data as asked in surveys.

Aside from information provided directly by you, Lagùn Hotel may also infer data about you based on information provided to us by you or from other information sources.

Lagùn Hotel does not collect personal data from persons 17 years old and below. 

Sensitive Data pertains to information related to genetic information, sexual orientation, ethnic or racial origin, health, religious and/or political beliefs, criminal history and/or background and any other biometric data used for identification purposes. Lagùn Hotel does not generally collect such sensitive information unless voluntarily provided by you. However, in order to improve our services to you, we may use health information provided by you.


Lagùn Hotel may gather information from your social media accounts and/or pages if you participate in a hotel-initiated or hotel-sponsored social media activity, promotion or offering. Such information may include data consistent with your settings like posts, opinions, feedback, status updates, location, activities, interests, check-ins, photos, videos and friends and or followers. If you choose to take part in Lagùn Hotel’s contests and/or promotional activities, the hotel may invite you to share data like photos, videos, feedback and opinions related to your hotel stay and experience. We may also invite you to share a message with your contacts and if you agree to do so, you also agree that you are authorized to share these contacts’ names and contact details such as email addresses and cell phone numbers.


Lagùn Hotel may collect data about you from third parties, including data from partners like airlines, payment cards, and other partners as well as social media services consistent with your settings and from other third-parties as permitted by law to share your data with Lagùn Hotel. These information and data are used and shared for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement and may add this data to other existing data about you.  


Lagùn Hotel uses your personal data in order to customize the services offered to you. Other purposes of your personal information are described as follows: 

Lagùn Hotel may use your personal data for purposes of promotions and offerings including materials related to your preferences as well as to provide you with confirmation on reservations, conducting of surveys, drawing of prizes related to contests you have joined. Such information may be used to communicate to you as well through print and digital advertising, email, social media, SMS and MMS, Apps such as but not limited to: Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, landline phone, customer service, and in-hotel communications channels such as voice announcements, in-room collateral materials and the like.

Lagùn Hotel may also use user-generated content like photos and videos from social media services for purposes of digital and apps advertising, with permission given by you.  Data from your payment card may also be gathered and may be added to your existing data on record. Furthermore, Lagùn Hotel may partner with third-party entities to determine if a website visitor may have a cash-back offer related to their payment card and to provide said website visitor with information through advertising to describe how to use said offer through a stay at Lagùn Hotel.
Lagùn Hotel may use your personal data for purposes of meetings and events planning. 

Lagùn Hotel may use your personal data to administer programs that you are taking part in as well as for offers that you qualify for.

Lagùn Hotel may use your personal data to improve the hotel’s services and products as well as to determine that such services and products are of interest to you. 

Lagùn Hotel will enroll you in the hotel’s eFolio program and may use your contact information such as your email address to send you your hotel bill through said email address. You are responsible for providing the hotel with accurate contact information. Please note that whenever you use your email address to make a reservation for other parties, you will receive those parties’ eFolio in your email address.

Lagùn Hotel may aggregate your personal data with data from third-party sources  keeping such data current and updated. Such data gathered from third party entities are also used to offer better and customized services.



If you are inquiring about holding an event at Lagùn Hotel, we will gather meeting and event data and specifications such as: headcount of expected guests, target date of meeting or event, room information, and information about the guests. 

As permitted by law, Lagùn Hotel may have information about guests that are staying in the hotel as part of a group, provided by the said group and the hotel may market to these guests due to the stay with the said group and the hotel may market to these guests as a result of the group stay related to the meeting or event and in accordance with preferences specified by you or the said guests.

As permitted by law, if you are staying in Lagùn Hotel as part of a meeting or event, your personal information may be shared by the hotel with the event organizers.

As permitted by law, Lagùn Hotel may share personal data related to the event and meeting with third party service providers who may market services to the event organizers.


Lagùn Hotel gathers other information which does not directly identify you, when you visit our website.  This other information is used to deliver emails and advertisements as well as to permit third party partners to recognize you as a Lagùn Hotel member when you visit these third party websites or apps so that they may extend more relevant offers.

Cookies and other technologies are used to gather this data and if you wish to remove or block cookies from your device, you may do so by updating your browser settings. You may refer to your browser’s Help Menu to learn more. The hotel is not responsible for your browser settings. If you are based in Europe, your cookie preferences may be adjusted through cookie settings.

The hotel may use data gathered as received from third party entities to learn more about users, which covers demographic information like, gender, birth dates, and marital status, as well as inferred commercial interests like preferred products, activities, hobbies and other data the hotel may have gathered from you or from third parties.
Such other information does not personally identify you, therefore this data may be disclosed for all purposes in accordance with the law.  The hotel may combine other information with personal data, in which case, the combined information will constitute personal data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.


Lagùn Hotel may share personal data for the purpose of giving you customized services as well as for the purpose of improving services as follows:

Data gathered during group meetings and events may be shared with event planners.

By sharing these personal data with third party partners, these partners may be able to provide improved and more relevant offerings. Lagùn Hotel may partner with other companies such as corporate travel and tour partners to enhance or improve our services and your personal data may be shared with such partners. Purposes of sharing personal data with these partners are to help them determine with travel policies or participation in special rate plans as well as for taking part in co-branded marketing activities. Lagùn Hotel may also partner with airline companies and payment cards in order to provide advertising materials to shared clients.

Please note that by taking part in a corporate billing program and using a corporate payment card, the payment card provider may share the summary of services and products as detailed in the eFolio emailed to you and as per the services and products you have availed of during the hotel stay with the corresponding employer of said corporate payment card used. As such, the privacy policy of said employer and payment card provider shall be implemented.
Lagùn Hotel may co-sponsor contests, promotions, raffles and the like and as such, we provide prizes for such activities and we may share your personal data with these companies if you have taken part in said activities. Lagùn Hotel may share personal data with third-party providers of on-property services like spa and massage treatments and services, concierge services and dining services. 

In the course of business development, Lagùn Hotel may buy, sell, reorganize or restructure assets and may cease to be the manager of Lagùn Hotel El Nido. In which case, we may sell, transfer or assign data gathered including but not limited to personal and other information to one or more affiliates or unaffiliated third-party entities as related to such business transactions. As required by local laws, Lagùn Hotel will give notice of this intent to transfer personal information to third party entities and will offer an explanation to how you may object to such transfer of information.

Lagùn Hotel depends on third party service and product providers who may on our behalf share personal data. Such third party service and product providers are obligated under contract to protect your personal data with the exception of instances as required by law. Personal data such as travel and activity itinerary may be shared with these third-party services providers based on specified preferences for a personalized experience.  As permitted by law, Lagùn Hotel may use service providers for announcing printed, mobile and digital updates, promotions and advertising related to specified preferences on our behalf. Lagùn Hotel shall only partner with third-party service providers that provide an option for you to opt out of receiving these advertisements. For fraud detection purposes, fraud detection service providers may use but not share your personal data.

As permitted by law, Lagùn Hotel may receive your contact details from partners and other sources that may be used for purposes of telemarketing. Lagùn Hotel may also share your contact information such as phone number for telemarketing purposes as permitted by law.

Furthermore, Lagùn Hotel, may divulge personal data for the following reasons: 

•    To respond to emergencies
•    As compliance to valid legal processes
•    As compliance to applicable laws
•    As response to government inquiries and/or request from public authorities
•    To protect privacy, rights, safety or property of Lagùn Hotel, guests, visitors, employees and/or the public
•    To implement the hotel’s websites' terms and conditions
•    To allow Lagùn Hotel to pursue available solutions and/ or limit the damages that the hotel may sustain


Lagùn Hotel’s website may contain links to other third party websites. The hotel is not responsible for gathering, collecting, using, sharing, maintaining or disclosing of information by these third party companies. Personal data you have provided, shared or submitted to these third party websites are subject to the privacy policies and terms of services as stated on these third parties’ websites.



As Lagùn Hotel may partner with internet service providers as a means to provide internet access to our guests, your use of such internet service is subject to said internet service provider’s privacy policy and terms of usage.


Lagùn Hotel will exert all reasonable efforts to protect personal data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction and for personal data to be current/updated and accurate. The hotel will also exert all efforts to require partners and service providers to protect and keep confidential your personal data. While there is no security system that guarantees all data transmitted through the Internet to be completely secure, Lagùn Hotel also exerts all reasonable efforts and measures to protect your personal data transmitted through our website. Do not transmit payment card numbers or other confidential and private data through email for your privacy protection. Lagùn Hotel shall only ask for payment card information by telephone during booking a reservation. The hotel will not: contact you to ask for your website log-in information; neither will the hotel contact you to ask for private information through email or text messaging. If you receive this kind of request, please refrain from responding and report this to Lagùn Hotel immediately through email at lagù 


You may request to be informed regarding the personal data we have about you on record and may also request as deemed appropriate that this data  be updated, corrected or deleted, as permitted  by law. Such updates and corrections shall be made in accordance with the law.  Furthermore in accordance with law, you may request the stopping of your personal data to be shared with our partners and you may also request the stopping of use of your personal data by sending your request through email. Your requests will be handled in accordance with applicable laws. These requests may be emailed to Lagùn Hotel at lagù and in order to protect your privacy the hotel will respond to these requests through the email address on record as provided to the hotel. 


Unless otherwise required by law, Lagùn Hotel may retain personal data during the time needed for fulfilling the purposes as stated in this Privacy Statement. The hotel shall destroy personal data through means by which the information can no longer be reconstructed and at the earliest time that may be practiced; if personal data is on printed materials, only secure manners of destroying the material will be implemented such as through the use of shredders and incinerators, while materials on electronic or digital forms shall be destroyed by technical means so that the data may no longer be reconstructed in the future.


Lagùn Hotel may send you through any of the contact information you have provided us, invitations to events, services and products as well as information related to preferences you have shared with us. Channels of communication may include mailing address, email addresses, cell phone numbers, landline numbers, fax numbers, social media accounts and all other contact information that you have provided to us. Such information may be used to communicate to you as well through print, mobile and digital advertising, email, social media, SMS and MMS, Apps such as but not limited to: Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, landline phone, customer service, and in-hotel communications channels such as voice announcements, in-room collateral materials and the like. Should you wish to stop receiving these information from Lagùn Hotel, you may opt out anytime by using the unsubscribe function in the email you receive from us or by emailing lagù Please note that your opt-out request may take up to ten business days to be in effect. If you wish to stop receiving text messages, you may opt out by informing Lagùn Hotel’s front desk that you do not want to receive text messages from the hotel. You may also reply “stop” to the text message you received in order to opt out of this service. If you prefer not to receive phone calls from Lagùn Hotel, please send an email to us at lagù



This Privacy Statement may be revised and modified by Lagùn Hotel. When relevant and material changes are made to this Privacy Statement, you will be informed by announcing this on our website homepage. Agreeing to use our website as well using of our services and products constitutes your acceptance of the contents of this Privacy Statement and your acceptance of the modified Privacy Statement currently in effect. The date of latest update to this Privacy Statement is indicated on the top of this page.



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For inquiries about this privacy statement or how Lagùn Hotel, please email lagù




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